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Why buy from us?


We’ve been doing this since 2003, that’s a long time considering, so we like to think we know our stuff… as a company built and run by Technology enthusiasts, we’re at the forefront of getting new technology into the hands of lovely people like you. That may mean we’d be classed as a bit nerdy, but that’s cool now, right? …right?!

The relationships we have with our Technology vendors are second to none, (we regularly win awards that vouch for that) and have a huge range of accreditations, this benefits you by being confident that we’re providing the best possible tech at the best possible price.

On top of all that, we know Education well… like… really well. Our relationships with the country’s biggest and best Colleges and Universities (we’ve worked with every single University in the country!) mean that we not only know the tech, but what the best tech is for the type of course you’re studying. Whether a Creative, Scientific, Technological, Engineering course or pretty much anything else, niche or not, we’ve been involved in supplying the tech to someone, somewhere, and likely have had a large influence in the specification and utilisation of said tech directly with the vendors that produce it – so our contextual knowledge is unparalleled.

Also, if you need any help along the way, we have a team of pretty friendly people on the end of a phone or email always willing to advise on what would best fit your needs.

That’s why.